The HyperNation's Procedure

We're all here to have fun! Yet we are here to work as well. If we are to have people think of us as a professional station then we must act respectful and professional.

To be a Hypernation DJ

  • Please visit the room and meet the Djs
    • We will have to learn who you are.
    • Have fun. Be fun.
  • Staff from The HyperNation must visit your live show.
    • As schedules permit
  • Djs must submit a 60 min mix for evaluation.
    • It will be reviewed by THN staff.
  • No disrespect of staff and clients in chats.
  • No Drugs.
  • No Nudity.

DJ's Regulations

  • Do not login with the site name unless you are going live.
  • Do not change and passwords or themes to the site.
  • Do not give out logon information.
  • Do not discuss site operations.
  • Be ready 15 mins. before your show.
  • Please check the calendar for your show dates approved.
  • If you have a good idea speak with someone. We'd love to hear it.
  • All DJ's will keep their personal problems out of the chat room.
  • No member of The HyperNation Radio may use The HyperNation name, or any entity created within, for the purpose of creating a profit.
  • We do not bad mouth other internet stations.
  • If you are on the schedule to DJ and you do not show up for your shift and don't contact anyone, you will be taken off the schedule until management decides whether or not to let you DJ for The Hypernation
  • You are not to discuss any illegal activities while your on the air. Including downloading mp3's through illegal means, drugs, or any other action that is against the law.


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